Colorectal Specialists

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Colorectal Specialists is team of colon and rectal surgeons who have decided to work together as a professional group practice committed to the advancement of colorectal surgery in the Philippines.The team advocates for state-of-the-art colorectal treatment that is evidence-based and utilizes the concept of Multidisciplinary Team Approach (MDT) with constant evaluation of treatment outcomes. MDT is the current management trend especially for colorectal cancer. It involves the combination of treatment modalities and collaboration with other healthcare professionals to ensure a thorough and holistic care for patients.
Our practice aims to provide the highest standard of care and we strive to improve outcomes of procedures and treatments through systematic quality of care audits, research, education, and training. We benchmark with International Standards in colorectal surgery. All our surgeons are board-certified Fellows of the Philippine Society of Colorectal Surgeons.
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