What are some common misconceptions about hemorrhoid treatments?

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 * What are some common misconceptions about hemorrhoid treatments?

One misconception about surgery for hemorrhoids is that it can cause fecal incontinence, or the inability to control farting or defecation.  Again this is not true. Properly done hemorrhoid surgery, using any of the techniques discussed previously, does not entail cutting or injuring the anal muscles.  Therefore no complication such as incontinence should develop. 

Another misconception about hemorrhoid treatment is the use of lasers.  A true LASER is defined as Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation, and in medical applications is used as a very fine, and precise cutting instrument (such as when in ophthalmology).  The technology is very expensive, and therefore using a true laser for hemorrhoid surgery makes the procedure quite prohibitive

There are other misconceptions in the public about hemorrhoid treatment. Unfortunately this is propagated by many false claims and unscrupulous practices.  Hemorrhoids are a very common condition that is often bothersome, sometimes very painful, but never life-threatening.  All symptoms must be evaluated by a doctor to make sure one truly has hemorrhoids. There are a variety of surgical and non-surgical options, and these should always be discussed first with an expert prior to making a decision on treatment.

* Note: This information is not intended as a substitute for professional medical advice. For any inquiries please Visitor calls your specialists.

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